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Granting access to female hygiene products to women in California

Appalled to learn that the lack of access to feminine hygiene products is a concern not only in developing countries like South Africa but also in a developed country such as the United States, Empower Educate Youth partnered with two shelters in California. Keeping Empower Educate Youth’s goal in mind, we partnered with Pajaro Valley Shelter in Watsonville to constantly supply sanitary pads to the shelter’s women to facilitate their activities and work while they menstruate.

After engaging in door-to-door fundraising, we went to Pajaro Valley Shelter to hand-deliver around 500 pads and to forge an authentic connection with the women we were helping. These sanitary pads permitted 13 strong women to meet their menstrual needs for 6 months. Maggie, a resident of PVSA said, “I am thankful to Empower Educate Youth to reaching out to me in this way. I cannot wait to put these pads to use!”

We also partnered with AACI, an organization in San Jose, that caters to female victims of domestic abuse. After setting up numerous fundraising platforms, such as GoFundMe, Empower Educate Youth had the means to help numerous deserving women.

Edwin Tan, of AACI said, “Domestic violence is a hidden problem throughout many communities but your support provides help to those survivors who might otherwise suffer in silence and isolation. Thanks to your gift of 500 women’s pads, you provided survivors of domestic violence a safe place to rebuild their lives, and caring advocates who can help along the way.”

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