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EEY at Chaboya middle School, San Jose, CA

Earlier this year, Empower Educate Youth opened up a club at Chaboya Middle School in Evergreen, San Jose, CA, to spread awareness to the younger crowd about the importance of menstrual hygiene. The Chapter President of the club, Medha Kidambi, already conducted a few meetings at school to discuss how to help these young women all over the world, and how to stop this taboo. Empower Educate Youth made presentations to educate the club members at Chaboya Middle School about how the organization is helping the girls and women in need by providing them access to menstrual hygiene that helps to further their education. EEY has also presented to the students how the lack of proper menstrual hygiene causes various diseases and infections. With these presentations, Empower Educate Youth is not only helping girls get educated during their periods but also spreading the important message of female hygiene.
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