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Testimonials: Testimonials

We received your donation of 1000 pads today! We can't thank you enough. With your donation we were able to give each girl in Grades 4 - 7, a pad and then ensured that each class has a supply for whenever a learner needs it. We also took the opportunity to remind our girls that having their period is no reason to stay out of school and that we now have pads at the school if they need it. 

You have made a remarkable difference to so many learners.

Thank You Roma Kidambi & Empower Educate Youth!


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Appreciation letter by a young resident in St Annes Homes,

South Africa

Hi My name is Paula Van De Beg.
I'm almost 4 months here and at St.Anne's Homes I was taught a lot of things.
We are so blessed to get our toiletries at St.Anne's which is wonderful.
I can't afford to buy any toiletries especially sanitary pads. It is so good to receive that. It is comfortable and it don't give us any rashes. I thank the housemothers for supplying us with sanitary pads.
Thank you Empower Educate Youth!

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Appreciation letter by a resident of St Annes Home, South Africa


I'm Nonzukiso Manqola. I came to St Anne's end of January. St.Anne's show me the view of the world in different ways. House mothers. social workers and all the staff play a big role in my life and he sessions with the staff help me to heal and pick up the fallen pieces of my life. They provide everything for us - toiletries, pads which are comfortable and  nappies and that means a lot to me because life is very expensive. The fact that we don't pay we get it free. It makes it easy to save so that when we are out we'll be able to start something.

Thank you Empower Educate Youth!

Testimonials: Testimonials
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